Persian Paws And Hearts

Dearheart Persian Kittens

Paws & Hearts is a small in home CFA registered cattery located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Our Mission is to continue this beautiful, special Persian bloodline, and to place them in loving, stable homes. Our Kittens have a sweet, playful, and very loving personality that will touch your heart the minute you hold one of them. They come from the famous Dearhreart Persian bloodline featured on the Fancy Feast commercials, and in fact, our kittens are the Grandchildren of one of the featured Cats in “The Engagement” Fancy Feast commercial. Paws & Hearts Cattery produces genetically sound, healthy, and well-socialized kittens, which come from Champion Blood lines. We specialize in Chinchilla Silver and Shaded Silver Persian Kittens. They are raised as part of our family and have the run of the house. We never use cages. Each kitten is held often, played with, and receives focused training - which helps them become great life long companions. We produce only a few litters each year, and are very selective in finding our kittens the best homes. They each are immunized and checked for their wellness by our Veterinarian before leaving to their new home. Dearhreart Persians are adored for their elegant full coats, expressive faces, gorgeous bright brilliant eyes, and sweet personalities. Silver Persians are special companions unlike any other breed of cat. They thrive on having a close, loving relationship with you. Paws & Hearts Cattery would be pleased if you would consider making a new home for one of our special little ones.


Prince Jasper, Our Handsome Playful Stud

Contact Information for Persian Paws And Hearts Cattery

We can be reached by phone or email:

We are located in Monument, Colorado; Mountain Time Zone

And yes, transportation by plane can be arranged, we are located about a 50 minute drive from Denver International Airport, with non-stop flights to most major cities in the United States.